BIOSCO (BIOresorbable Surgical Corrective Osteotomy)

2021 Campaign: Personalized HealthTech & 3D Printing

To improve the current treatment outcome of bone deformities, we want to develop a novel surgical technique involving a patient-specific implant design made of a bioresorbable composite using the innovative 3D printing technology named Arburg Plastic Freeforming. The surgical technique involves incorporating a bioresorbable wedge-shaped implant into the gap of the corrective osteotomy instead of using a bulky metal implant screwed to the outside of the bone. We strongly believe this method will cause a breakthrough in corrective osteotomies, as it is more efficient and effective than the current state of the art. The 3D Print Lab of the University Hospital Basel is developing facilities and know-how to produce the implants at the point of care. In this feasibility study focussing on the point of care 3D printing of patient-specific implants, we aim to design the new implant concept using a lattice design. The resulting implant prototypes will be studied in biomechanical evaluations.

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