2nd Campaign “What opportunities does additive manufacturing offer in the field of photonics and optoelectronics?”

This second campaign enables interested parties from industry, research and society to create, test and validate promising applications and product ideas based on existing and new technologies and materials. Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies offer huge potential for many sectors of the economy and related applications. In order to profit from these advantages for innovative products, production process chains must be simplified, and made cheaper.

On the ideation platform, participants can formulate their needs and ideas in order to subsequently identify potential for optimized AM post processing. Participants can team up and work together on solutions to present them to our experts. The best and most promising concepts receive a grant amount of between CHF 10,000.- up to CHF 25,000.-.

Campaign Timeline & Requirements

In cooperation with NTN Photonics, the possibilities of additive manufacturing for photonics and optoelectronics were discussed. The potential in these applications and the research results already achieved led to the launch of the second campaign in this area.

Start: Tuesday 29th June 2021 with the Online-Webinar “Additive Manufacturing in Photonics-Industry” – Registration
End: Friday 20th August 2021
Ideation platform: Link – First time registration – Log-in for registered users – Guideline “How to get started”
On the ideation platform submitted needs and ideas: Link
 open to everyone

Participants inputs: needs and ideas described in rudimentary form
Support: IBAM E-Mail

Start: Wednesday 25th August 2021, 09:00 cancelled
End: Wednesday 25th August 2021, 12:00
Visibility: open for registered participants
Participants inputs:
– fill in matching form and send to NTN IBAM until Friday 20th August 2021
– prepare 5 minute – presentation and send until Friday 20th August 2021
Target: forming teams to hand in proposals
Matching Event presentation:

Start: Thursday 26th August 2021
End: Friday 17th September 2021
Visibility: team only (Involved people sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) on request)
Participants inputs:
– Teams report the participating members (by using contact fields in proposal form only) until 3rd September 2021
– The teams confirm that they do not receive any other subsidies for the same project.
– Teams hand in the completely filled in proposal form until 17th September 2021
Target: Completely filled in proposal – ready to send them to the experts

Start: Monday 20th September 2021
End: Friday 8th October 2021
Visibility: team, experts and key persons only (Involved people sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) on request)
– Experts evaluate until Tuesday 5th October 2021
– Key persons nominate projects to be funded and communicate results until 8th October 2021
Target: Teams which will be funded are nominated

Start: Monday 11th October 2021
End: Friday 11th March 2022
Visibility: team, experts and key persons only (Involved people sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) on request)
– Teams work on their topic and realize a prototype until end February 2022
– NTN IBAM campaign manager will get a intermediate report by mid December 2021
Target: Final report a) open to everyone, b) visible for the persons, who sign a NDA

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