Basic and continuing education in additive manufacturing



ZHAW – CAS Additive Manufacturing

Every autumn, the “Certificate of Advance Studies in Additive Fertigung” (CAS AF) will start. This is aimed at people active in the field of additive manufacturing or wishing to deepen their knowledge in this field.

During this training, the fundamentals of additive manufacturing, metal, plastic and ceramic processes, construction guidelines as well as new business models will be discussed in theory and practice. This will allow those taking the courses to make the best use of additive manufacturing, but also to know its limits.

The ZHAW Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in additive manufacturing is carried out on the job and comprises 15 days of lessons of 8 lessons each (12 ECTS) and will last for five months.


BFH – CAS Additive Manufacturing

The CAS program “Certificate of Advance Studies in Additive Manufacturing” of the Bern University of Applied Sciences will starts each autumne.

As an alternative manufacturing option, additive manufacturing offers opportunities for innovation in many ways. New business models, opportunities for cost optimisation and accelerated product development cycles are just a few examples of what additive manufacturing has to offer. The CAS Additive Manufacturing provides the knowledge which will allow you to correctly classify and sustainably use the technology used in additive manufacturing.

The degree programme:

– guides you through the diverse processes, materials and applications of 3D printing,
– provides you with sound basic knowledge regarding the technology, processes and materials of additive manufacturing,
– is aimed at people working in the mechanical, electrical and metal industry.

HSLU – Seminar “AM – Wirtschaftlicher Einsatz in der Produktentwicklung und für die Serienfertigung”

This advanced training in the field of construction/design and component design is aimed at interested parties who want to examine and use the advantages of additive manufacturing (AM). Learn which criteria are decisive for the selection of AM components. A further focus is also on process-compatible design.

Duration: 2 days

Hochschule Luzern – Technik & Architektur,:Technikumstrasse 21, 6048 Horw

FHNW – MAS plasturgy

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in plastics technology provides knowledge and skills in order to develop innovative and globally competitive products made of plastic or fiber composite materials. New doors open for graduates for a career in plastics and fiber composite technology.


In cooperation with Medidee, the FHNW offers a unique educational opportunity. The Certificate of Advanced Studies “Clinical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance ” (CAS CARAQA) is for medtech professionals who face the current major regulatory challenges.

3D Printing in Medical Technology

The aim of this course is to acquire basic knowledge in the field of additive manufacturing in medical technology. This is done in theory and by means of practical examples. The manufacturing chain will be explained from a technical and quality point of view according to ISO 13485. Through this course, participants will be given an overview of the basis of 3D printing in medical technology, as well as an understanding of the normative aspects and quality requirements associated with 3D printing.

Duration: 1 day

Fees: CHF 890.-


Metal 3D printing – what you need to know

The objective of the course is to acquire a good knowledge of the fundamentals of metal additive manufacturing both from a theoretical and practical point of view (with examples) and to review the main steps of metal additive manufacturing.

After the course, the participant will know different 3D printing methods, their advantages/disadvantages and fields of application. He will be able to identify the strengths and limitations of metal additive manufacturing, the added value of the process, the design requirements, the post-processing needs and the quality aspects.


3D printing, one of the pillars of Industry 4.0

Additive manufacturing techniques (also known as 3D printing) are considered today as an essential component of the revolution proposed by Industry 4.0. This is due not only to the close link these technologies have with the digital world but also to:

  • their ease of implementation (they are direct processes that do not require dedicated tooling)
  • their ability to manufacture very complex geometries (custom parts, structures optimised from a mechanical, thermal or electro-magnetic point of view, bionic structures, etc.)
  • their economic (easy recycling of unused materials, no chips) or ecological (few/no polluting substances – no cutting fluids) interests
  • their potential to simplify/improve the efficiency of company logistics, particularly in the field of maintenance and spare parts.


SKZ Bildung: Courses Additive Manufacturing

Stereolithography, fused deposition modeling, selective laser sintering, 3D printing – the range of additive manufacturing processes is broad. The industry is on the upswing and the latest developments are presented every month. This makes it all the more important to stay up-to-date in this booming field. Shape the future of manufacturing with up-to-date knowledge and the practical skills you need. Our challenging additive manufacturing courses provide just the right foundation to bring your product ideas to life.

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