3D printed individualized shoes by the implementation of different construction in foamed TPU

2022 Campaign: Additive Manufacturing, Microtech and Photonics – Innovation through Interdisciplinarity

Based on individual foot and biomechanics data, an individually optimized midsole for shoes can be constructed, which positively influences the biomechanics of a patient. In this way, malpositions that are held responsible for complaints of the musculoskeletal system can be corrected. Hereby the complaints are causally eliminated.

The midsole is additively manufactured from foamable TPUs. By varying the construction and degree of foaming of the TPU, strength and hardness can be individually manufactured additively. Thus, in the future, footwear can be individualized and tailored to the individual biomechanics.

EVA material is ideal for the production of shoes, as this can be processed in various shore hardnesses. In additive manufacturing, there is still no material that comes close to the properties of the EVA material. Especially in terms of support and cushioning behavior, as well as durability. By means of design and geometry and the degree of foam of the TPU, we can bring strength and hardness into this range for the first time.

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