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You have an idea or need that could be developed into a demanded product or service using additive manufacturing. If this need or idea does not fit into one of NTN IBAM’s current campaigns, then submit your contribution on our Ideation Platform under “General ideas and needs”! We will contact you, check the eligibility and in a positive case invite you to submit an application.

Ideation platform: Link – First time registration – Log-in for registered users – Guideline “How to get started”
On the ideation platform submitted needs and ideas: Link
Visibility at first submission: open access for all (so please note that primarily needs and first approaches of ideas are announced).
Support: IBAM E-Mail

Innovation Booster process – Individual support

In the ideation phase and at the matching event, the participants …

  • are solely responsible for passing on information
  • know that they may provide necessary information only
  • know that the other participants should strictly refuse receiving confidential information
  • know that they are not obliged to share any information

In the shaping phase as well as in the proposal and implentation phase, the participants …

  • know that they are responsible for determining when to move from the “open innovation phase” to the “closed innovation phase” and for setting up NDA and IPR contracts.
  • note that communicated information must be provided with the appropriate level of confidentiality.
  • accept the jointly negotiated terms and conditions by joining the project team.
  • define a period of time during which the confidentiality agreement is valid.
  • know that the NTN IBAM and all its representatives (such as management, board members, key persons, jurors, mentors, consultants, etc.) are bound by the obligation of confidentiality and will record this in writing. Furthermore, any responsibility and liability in connection with secret information is strictly disclaimed.
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