Research in Micro-SLM of complex 3D conductive structures with functional isolation

2022 (Spring) Channel: General ideas an needs in the field of additive manufacturing

At the same time as SLM additive manufacturing process starts growing in industrial application, micro-SLM is becoming a promising branch of this manufacturing technology. The successful production of micro metal structures has many small mechanical applications. Therefore, this project aims to push this technology into other applications and at the limit of the state of the art in practice.

The goal is to develop methodologies and an adapted process to create complex highly conductive structures with a conventional SLM machine. These structures can be used to create a complex electronic conductive layer or small mechanically functional electrical contacts. As a result of this, the complex electronic assembly could be simplified and could be better implemented in products.

This project aims to produce a simple functional 3D demonstrator in that interesting dimensional challenge that will be electrically tested. This prototype will measure the potential of SLM technology for this application.

The 3D demonstrator will allow testing and development of some of the following elements based on a new 3D methodology for CAD design:

  • Complex 3D electronic layers.
  • Mechanically functional copper-based microstructures such as springs or electrical contracts.
  • Isolation process for these different conductive microstructures such as resining or plastic injection.

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